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A-Z Global ISPs Directory: United Kingdom

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Free UK Internet Service Providers Directory: A comprehensive lists of ISPs that offers the following services - Free Internet Access, ADSL/DSL Broadband Internet Access, Dial-Up Internet Access, Home, Business, Cable Internet Access, Canada, UK, USA, High Speed Broadband, Toll Free Access, Internet Access Service Providers, Broadband ISPs, Cable Modem, Cheap Internet Access, 0800, Unlimited, Unmetered, 56k Modem, 64k, 128k, ISDN, Free Wi-Fi Access, Leased Lines, Free Web Space, Email, Free Spam Filter, Anti-Virus. Freephone, Free-Time Access...

Recommended: Free UK ISPs & Web Hosting Providers

Boltblue broadband available from 15.99 a month | Boltblue Mobile Games | Boltblue polyphonics |  boltblue broadband: Double broadband, Up to 20 x Faster, Enjoy the ultimate surfing experience with this seriously fast Internet connection. Ideal for multi-player online gaming, File sharing and large downloads including movies and video. Broadband, anytime & freestyle, email, text messaging, ringtones, colour logos, picture messages, wallpaper, mobile games, alerts, handsets.
Hostway provide cutting edge web hosting solutions  - FREE 30 Days Trials on All Packages We offer domain name registration, virtual web hosting, database and ecommerce web hosting, security consultancy and dedicated (build you own) server solutions, all from our web site. Hostway is regarded as top 3 in the UK for consumer web hosting and number 1 for b2b powered solutions. ALL our packages come with a 30 Money Back Guarantee which is a real selling point for visitors.
V21.co.uk Unmetered Internet Access from only 3.99 per month - Free Trial!
Unmeterd Internet Access From 3.99 per month. Broadband ADSL - Ultra Fast - Always On Just 19.99 per month. Our unmetered Internet package allows you to surf the Internet free of charge for a set monthly fee of only 3.99, which gives you a true unmetered package including a choice of unlimited PoP3 or web based Email and unlimited Web space. 7 Days a Week Telephone Support.
See above for the List of Recommended Internet Service Provides
F9.net - F9 Portal. F9 is a UK based Internet Service Provider. Our portal puts the power back into our customers hands, allowing them to manage all aspects of their accounts.
F9 Premier - Perfect for the heavy Internet user with all the functionality that could be needed and free (0800) weekend Internet connections. With all the features and facilities that F9 have to offer controlled through your own personalised portal site, F9 Premier is the best Internet package available today!
Free Anonymous Internet Access by GetFreeInternet - You can sign up online now for our FAST and FREE internet connections. We don't ask for your address or any credit card information. Your information is not passed to any marketing companies and we give you a FREE e-mail address and web space for your site. Why not give us a try and make the best use of your time online.
Flyer Internet - Flyer Internet is the new FREE Internet service from Flyer magazine. Another free Internet Service Provider? No! Flyer Internet is one of the few niche ISP's in the UK, catering to anybody with an interest in flying.
FOL Club - This service is free. If you would like us to send you a free CD to try our free Internet service freeFOL instead of your existing ISP. 
Freechariot - Your gateway to FREE Telephone and Internet Communications. FREE Local Voice Calls at the weekend, FREE Calls to the internet, FREE Sharepoints and FREE Advertcash. No Monthly fee - No Annual fee. 
Free Gratis - FreeGratis: a new kind of Internet Service that offers you free access during your leisure hours with free email and a fast connection.
free.net - No registration set-up fees. No monthly subscription charge. No charge for technical support. Membership for life. 0845 local rate phone call access. Free e-mail addresses for all the family. Free 5Mb of web space. Free and unlimited technical support. 56k Access throughout the UK. ISDN Access at no extra charge. 
Free- Internet - Your Free-Internet account comes with all the features listed. Local 0845 Call, 1p a minute at weekends. World Wide Web Access. POP3 Mailbox with your own E-Mail address. 10 Mb of Webspace. Full Newsgroup Feed. Telephone Support. Free Support via E-Mail.
Free2000 Internet - Just set your modem to dial one of our local call rate numbers 0845 301 7511or 0845 088 0036 then enter a user name of 'free2000', a password of 'free2000' and away you go. For further help please see the support section of this web site.
Free4All - Free unlimited Internet access for everyone in the UK. Free unlimited POP3 email accounts. Free domain name hosting. Free web space. Junk email filtering and more.
freebeeb.net - freebeeb.net is the free Internet service provider from BBC Worldwide.
Freecall-UK - For every minute you are online, you will be adding free 0800 time to your minute bank, after your first month, this time will be made available to you to access your 0800 number 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You decide when and if you use them. We believe that this gives a fair system where all users can benefit from 0800 access. Please note you will have to keep a balance of 180 minutes in your account for the first 3 months.
Freedom-i - 0800Freedom is the only internet service provider, at this time in the UK*, to offer truly free internet access. There is no monthly subscription fee for our unique internet service. Even better, we offer you unlimited free local calls 24 hours a day every day. So now you can use the internet without worrying about huge phone bills.
FreeISP - Free UK Access to the Internet. Support for all Modems and ISDN up to 128Kb. Free Email Account. 25Mb Web Space. Full News Feed. 0845 Local Call Rate. Free From Advertising. Use Any Internet Software You Choose. Simple and Fast Registration.
Freeserve Time - Freeserve, the UK's No. 1 for the Internet brings you. Free Internet access and membership. Free 15MB of webspace Unlimited e-mail addresses. Free online support. A choice of Internet call packages UK focused content. Including free 24/7 Un-metered access, off peak and weekend access.
fREEdial - At last, unmetered Internet access is here. The fREEdial Internet call plans offer unlimited free calls to the Internet on weekends and evenings.
Fire-bug Internet - Free UK Access to the Internet. Support for all Modems and ISDN. Free Email Account. 50Mb Web Space. Full News Feed. 0845 Local Call Rate. Use Any Internet Software You Choose. Simple and Fast Registration

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