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A-Z Global ISPs Directory: United Kingdom

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Free UK Internet Service Providers Directory: A comprehensive lists of ISPs that offers the following services - Free Internet Access, ADSL/DSL Broadband Internet Access, Dial-Up Internet Access, Home, Business, Cable Internet Access, Canada, UK, USA, High Speed Broadband, Toll Free Access, Internet Access Service Providers, Broadband ISPs, Cable Modem, Cheap Internet Access, 0800, Unlimited, Unmetered, 56k Modem, 64k, 128k, ISDN, Free Wi-Fi Access, Leased Lines, Free Web Space, Email, Free Spam Filter, Anti-Virus. Freephone, Free-Time Access...

Recommended: Free UK ISPs & Web Hosting Providers

Boltblue broadband available from 15.99 a month | Boltblue Mobile Games | Boltblue polyphonics |  boltblue broadband: Double broadband, Up to 20 x Faster, Enjoy the ultimate surfing experience with this seriously fast Internet connection. Ideal for multi-player online gaming, File sharing and large downloads including movies and video. Broadband, anytime & freestyle, email, text messaging, ringtones, colour logos, picture messages, wallpaper, mobile games, alerts, handsets.
Hostway provide cutting edge web hosting solutions  - FREE 30 Days Trials on All Packages We offer domain name registration, virtual web hosting, database and ecommerce web hosting, security consultancy and dedicated (build you own) server solutions, all from our web site. Hostway is regarded as top 3 in the UK for consumer web hosting and number 1 for b2b powered solutions. ALL our packages come with a 30 Money Back Guarantee which is a real selling point for visitors.
V21.co.uk Unmetered Internet Access from only 3.99 per month - Free Trial!
Unmeterd Internet Access From 3.99 per month. Broadband ADSL - Ultra Fast - Always On Just 19.99 per month. Our unmetered Internet package allows you to surf the Internet free of charge for a set monthly fee of only 3.99, which gives you a true unmetered package including a choice of unlimited PoP3 or web based Email and unlimited Web space. 7 Days a Week Telephone Support.
See above for the List of Recommended Internet Service Provides
Cable & Wireless - Broad Band Cable Access - Cable & Wireless Connect isn't just a different way of accessing the Internet and saving money on your phone calls. 5 e-mail addresses and 20Mb of web space. For a fixed monthly fee we'll give you free calls up to the Internet.  All of your calls (Internet and voice) will be charged at a discounted rate so you'll continue to save money.
Cable Internet - (blueyonder) - Cable Internet provides Internet services to business and home users. The Cable Internet network delivers voice, data, Internet and television services to its customers and is wholly owned by Telewest Communications.
Cali Net (Oikfree) - As more and more people get connected, the demand for high quality service and support is overwhelming. Cali Net offers the highest standards with all the products and services on offer. To keep in line with today's industry, Internet Access from Cali Net is available for free. Domain.
Calenet - Caledonian Internet - internet solutions for Scottish business, shopping and directory listings.
CallNet0800 - CallNet0800 UK provides totally free Internet access across the UK with free signup and subscription; 5 free email accounts and 20MB web space; full featured portal site includes Online Signup; Service Report; Technical Support; Web Mail; Web News; Chat Forum; Download Web Search; Channels; News Sport; Business; Weather; Entertainment; Shopping; Knowledge; Lifestyle; Travel.
CallNet UK - CallNet UK provides free Internet access across the UK with free signup and subscription; 5 free email accounts and 20MB web space; full featured portal site includes Online Signup; Service Report; Technical Support; Web Mail; Web News; Chat Forum; Download Web Search; Channels; News Sport; Business; Weather; Entertainment; Shopping etc. 
Care4Free.net - Care4free is the definitive Internet solution provider (ISP) for people who care. It's a free Internet service designed and dedicated to supporting charities and the fundraising community.
Chocolate Internet - Chocolate Internet dial-up account provides you with full Internet access, 24 hours a day, for 365 days of the year. There are no initial set up fees or additional hidden charges. Call time will be only charged at local call rates. 
We support; V90 56K, ISDN 64K and 128K Transmission Protocols.
Citibank - Pay as you go Internet access. Citibank has teamed up with BTClick to give you easy access to the Internet and free web-based email. 
Club 24 Internet - Free Unlimited Internet Access throughout the United Kingdom with local phone access, offering free internet emails, web space, and signup, the only cost is the phone bill.
ComputerWeekly.net - Free Internet access from computerweekly.net. We are leading the market once again and launching our own FREE ISP. As well as access to the whole net it will give you entry to our own web site along with its archive of the newspaper and of course the widest selection of jobs.
Connect Free - Connect Free: Free Internet Access in the UK. Connect free to the fastest internet and interactive games service in the UK - no catches, no gimmicks, just Connect Free.
Connect4Free - Be part of the Connect4 free community and Signup now! we support ISDN 128K & V90 and give a full news feed along with 20MB of free webspace and unlimited e-mail. Our special software automatically sets up your dial up networking while you watch, without disturbing your existing settings.
Contactbox - Contact Box is the UK's first Internet service provider to offer a free Internet service that also offers a free 'follow me' personal number, free fax, and free voice mail services 
ConX - FREE Unlimited Internet access. FREE Access to conX's On-Line service. NO On-line charges. 100% Nationwide Local. call access, FREE 20Mb Web space, FREE Sub-Domain and unlimited E:Mail addresses, FAST Access speeds up to 128kbps, FREE Access to news servers.
Crispin's Online
Do you want Unlimited Internet Access for the rest of your life? Well, that's what we offer!

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