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A-Z Global ISPs Directory: United Kingdom

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UK Internet Service Providers Directory: A comprehensive lists of ISPs that offers the following services - Free Internet Access, ADSL/DSL Broadband Internet Access, Dial-Up Internet Access, Home, Business, Cable Internet Access, Canada, UK, USA, High Speed Broadband, Toll Free Access, Internet Access Service Providers, Broadband ISPs, Cable Modem, Cheap Internet Access, 0800, Unlimited, Unmetered, 56k Modem, 64k, 128k, ISDN, Free Wi-Fi Access, Leased Lines, Free Web Space, Email, Free Spam Filter, Anti-Virus. Freephone, Free-Time Access...

Recommended: Unmetered UK ISPs & Web Hosting Providers

Boltblue broadband available from 15.99 a month | Boltblue Mobile Games | Boltblue polyphonics |  boltblue broadband: Double broadband, Up to 20 x Faster, Enjoy the ultimate surfing experience with this seriously fast Internet connection. Ideal for multi-player online gaming, File sharing and large downloads including movies and video. Broadband, anytime & freestyle, email, text messaging, ringtones, colour logos, picture messages, wallpaper, mobile games, alerts, handsets.
Hostway provide cutting edge web hosting solutions  - FREE 30 Days Trials on All Packages We offer domain name registration, virtual web hosting, database and ecommerce web hosting, security consultancy and dedicated (build you own) server solutions, all from our web site. Hostway is regarded as top 3 in the UK for consumer web hosting and number 1 for b2b powered solutions. ALL our packages come with a 30 Money Back Guarantee which is a real selling point for visitors.
V21.co.uk Unmetered Internet Access from only 3.99 per month - Free Trial!
Unmeterd Internet Access From 3.99 per month. Broadband ADSL - Ultra Fast - Always On Just 19.99 per month. Our unmetered Internet package allows you to surf the Internet free of charge for a set monthly fee of only 3.99, which gives you a true unmetered package including a choice of unlimited PoP3 or web based Email and unlimited Web space. 7 Days a Week Telephone Support.
See above for the List of Recommended Internet Service Provides
Wave Rider Internet - Wave Rider Internet are one the longest established Internet providers in the Midlands - and a profitable Limited Company. So why haven't you heard of us before? Unlike many of our competitors, we haven't adopted the usual approach of mass advertising, and taking on more customers than we could reasonably keep up with. It has always been our priority to maintain a high level of customer service and support - and by expanding in a controlled way, we can.
WebLeicester Ltd - WEBLEICESTER is an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We offer a wide range of Internet Services with the expertise, experience and customer support that only an established local provider is capable of. We are also a proud member of ISPA , the Internet Service Providers Association. We are part of the Gigabell Group of Companies which is one of Europe's largest Internet Service Provides.
WebStar World Internet - High quality web designers based in Rainford, St.Helens, Merseyside. We offer complete solutions for all your Internet needs. Domain Name registrations, hosting, e-mail, forwarding, marketing services.
Welshnet - Unlimited Internet Access at local call rates - Unlimited email addresses - 25Mb of Web Space with CGI-BIN and FrontPage - Access to over 56,000 Usenet newsgroups.
Webtribe.net - Webtribe, The UK's newest free internet service provide.
West Dorset Internet - West Dorset Internet is a UK Internet Service Provider and Internet Solutions Provider. Serving both home and business users locally, nationally and internationally, we also cater for the local rural community.
Which Online - Internet access. Online Consumer Watchdog.  What's New, Forums, Shopping, and Campaigns.  Product testing, food & drinks, gardening, health advice, holidays, legal advice, money, motoring and public interest.
WinNet - 'CIX's mission is to provide the SME and Business Professional market place with innovative, yet cost effective Application Services and Internet Connectivity necessary to unleash the full commercial potential for our customers.'
Wirenet Amiga - Wirenet is the first Internet provider in the UK to be specifically set up to provide access and support for Amiga users. Amiga users are not considered a sideline to other platforms, provided with with poorly supported, out of date software. Instead, Amiga users are our whole business and consequently receive 100% support and the latest, most powerful software.
Wireplay Internet - This is the Wireplay international home page. Wireplay lets you play online games over a high speed dedicated network.
Wisper Bandwidth - A dedicated Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in the UK and part of Cable & Wireless. Worldwide connectivity, web hosting, and co-location services over the best IP network in the world.
WISS - WiSS - Creative web design with flexible hosting plans including database integration-commerce solutions.
WowStars - WowStars is a free service, but your phone company charges for the local phone call as normal.
World Online Freedom 24 (freedom of movement) 
Freedom 24 -
This costs 14.99 a month on top of your telephone line rental and includes 100 hours of free internet calls to the World Online service which can be used any time, day or night. Any internet calls made to the service in excess of the 100 included hours will be charged at 1p per minute.
Freedom Lite - This costs just 2.99 a month on top of your telephone line rental and includes 50 hours of free off-peak internet calls to the World Online service. Any daytime internet calls to the service or internet calls to the service made in excess of the 50 included hours will be charged at 1p per minute.

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